Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July

Had a blast this 4th. (much better than last year, which consisted of drinking caffiene at Big E's before wandering over to watch the bay fireworks.)

We also set off our own explosives, full details of which can be seen at Melanie's Facebook album:

She took cool photos.

From our rooftop the fireworks over sarasota bay were visible. Unfortunately we only had a short, rickety ladder and it took so long to find that they were practically over by the time anyone made it up there. Nevertheless, three of us attempted the climb, and were contacted by the ghost of lions past, as seen in this image:

Many burgers were eaten, and hot dogs fell by the thousands. After all was successfully blowed up, the night was rounded out by assembling random themed teams in Naruto Genteki Taisen 4 (teams such as "faces of classic pop" and "characters who keep animals in inappropriate places") and then battling to the death.

Because death is fun.