Sunday, May 28, 2006

Starting Up

First post time. After my atrocious history with LJ and DeviantArt (I think I might have put up 10 posts between them) we'll see how well this works out. I'll be using this space to put up art projects that I'm working on and finished with, and possibly even to publish a webcomic at some point.

I know that when I was first getting into art the people who helped me most were other artists, with tutorials and how-to's being second only to actual tutoring at the hands of a professional. (which I actually managed to find on a forum, of all places) I'll be posting in-progress shots of work that I'm working on (hopefully on a daily basis) along with rough descriptions of process. (Since I myself often forget how I did something in the past and need to look it up) I'll probably do a decent number of links to other tutorial/howto pages while I'm at it.

Hopefully someone will find this as helpful as some of the other tutorials I stumbled blindly into a few years ago.


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