Sunday, May 28, 2006

Portraits - Finished - Watercolor

These were done in a style taught to me by my Media media professor, Octavio. In involves putting down a very wet, puddle-like wash of tone, then adding dabs of other color while it is still wet to create a gentle set of gradations. In the first picture, the tone was a burnt-sienna, and the added colors were purple in the shadow areas and some reds around the lips and nose.

That layer is then allowed to dry, and the shadows are painted on top with a good watercolor brush, one layer at a time. For this first one I used purple as my shadow color, to create a nice complementary contrast.

Funny Story: Day we were supposed to start these pictures, teacher hands out photos of everyone in the class to other random students. He's talking about how he swaps the classes so nobody gets themselves. He walks over to me, I pull a photo out of the pile right as he's explaining this, and lo, it's a picture of me! And I don't even own that shirt! Turns out that Alex, the guy in this painting, looks almost identical to me in photo form. What are the odds?

In this second pic I used yellow and red grounds, with dabs of yellow and blue, then blue shadows on everything. One of my favorite photos, but the eye on the left was a little wet when I went in to paint the pupil, so it bled and ended up the way you see now. Also, in real life the pencil lines don't stand out quite as strong. Pretty happy with this one.


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