Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dishes at Moonrise - Finished - Oil Paint

originally uploaded by eenlikebean.
This was a media handling exercise for my Illustration class. There were two others in different media (watercolor and thick acrylic) at different times of day, but those photos didn't really come out.

This is done on cold-press illustration board, with a thick coat of Crystal Clear acrylic spray to keep it from absorbing the oil paint. Done with small amounts of unthinned oil and a softer brush to keep it even. The purple is underpainting, which helps the blue feel bright and "closer" to the viewer.

The smudge on the knife is actually the words "Never Knows Best" which some of you might recognize from FLCL. One of the requirements was that there be an unexpected detail somewhere in the picture, and that focus be drawn to it. All in all one of my favorite pantings for the year.


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