Sunday, May 28, 2006

12 x 12's - Finished - Oil Paint

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This painting is part of a series for my Painting class. The project was called the "12 by 12" project, and consited of 12 paintings that were 1 foot by 1 foot with a common theme, all in Oil Paint. Each one of mine is done on a square of Masonite, with acrylic matte medium to keep the wood from absorbing all the oil and provide texture, then water-soluble oil paints. (My friend Jimmy got me hooked on them. It's like Oil paint without the pain in the ass)

My theme was "Urban myths and legends". This one was the one where the guy straps a ATOL rocket to his car and it flies into a cliff. Turns out that one of my teacher's cousins pulled almost the same thing, but he didn't get far enough off the ground to die.

originally uploaded by eenlikebean.
Supposed to be the "5 second Rule"... but doesn't read especially well. I'm fairly happy with the actual painting, though the cookie has some perspective issues.

originally uploaded by eenlikebean.
Alligators in the Sewer. Don't think I need to clarify the source of this myth. One of my favorites from the series, start-to-finish in under an hour. Most of that blue to the upper right is underpainting showing through.

Took a lot of reference for this one, but I think it payed off with a nice sewer-y feel.

originally uploaded by eenlikebean.
Another of the 12x12's. This one is the "daddy Longlegs are actually the most deadly spiders in the world" myth.

I'm fairly happy with the color of the sky in this one, and the legs really feel like daddy longlegs to me. I wish it was a bit less patchy, and that the acid-burning through the leaf was a little more obvious.

Those are the four that came out best, and that I could get decent photos of. The rest tended to have thicker paint, so the photos weren't really... y'know, visible.


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