Sunday, May 28, 2006

Figures - Ink and Pastel - Rough

Some paintings from my figure class. Yay naked!

Portait in Pen. nothing much to Talk about except how enormous his forehead is.


Pastel on blue paper. Pretty happy with the way the face came out on this one. Something about the chest area still looks a little off

Portraits - Finished - Watercolor

These were done in a style taught to me by my Media media professor, Octavio. In involves putting down a very wet, puddle-like wash of tone, then adding dabs of other color while it is still wet to create a gentle set of gradations. In the first picture, the tone was a burnt-sienna, and the added colors were purple in the shadow areas and some reds around the lips and nose.

That layer is then allowed to dry, and the shadows are painted on top with a good watercolor brush, one layer at a time. For this first one I used purple as my shadow color, to create a nice complementary contrast.

Funny Story: Day we were supposed to start these pictures, teacher hands out photos of everyone in the class to other random students. He's talking about how he swaps the classes so nobody gets themselves. He walks over to me, I pull a photo out of the pile right as he's explaining this, and lo, it's a picture of me! And I don't even own that shirt! Turns out that Alex, the guy in this painting, looks almost identical to me in photo form. What are the odds?

In this second pic I used yellow and red grounds, with dabs of yellow and blue, then blue shadows on everything. One of my favorite photos, but the eye on the left was a little wet when I went in to paint the pupil, so it bled and ended up the way you see now. Also, in real life the pencil lines don't stand out quite as strong. Pretty happy with this one.

Dishes at Moonrise - Finished - Oil Paint

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This was a media handling exercise for my Illustration class. There were two others in different media (watercolor and thick acrylic) at different times of day, but those photos didn't really come out.

This is done on cold-press illustration board, with a thick coat of Crystal Clear acrylic spray to keep it from absorbing the oil paint. Done with small amounts of unthinned oil and a softer brush to keep it even. The purple is underpainting, which helps the blue feel bright and "closer" to the viewer.

The smudge on the knife is actually the words "Never Knows Best" which some of you might recognize from FLCL. One of the requirements was that there be an unexpected detail somewhere in the picture, and that focus be drawn to it. All in all one of my favorite pantings for the year.

12 x 12's - Finished - Oil Paint

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This painting is part of a series for my Painting class. The project was called the "12 by 12" project, and consited of 12 paintings that were 1 foot by 1 foot with a common theme, all in Oil Paint. Each one of mine is done on a square of Masonite, with acrylic matte medium to keep the wood from absorbing all the oil and provide texture, then water-soluble oil paints. (My friend Jimmy got me hooked on them. It's like Oil paint without the pain in the ass)

My theme was "Urban myths and legends". This one was the one where the guy straps a ATOL rocket to his car and it flies into a cliff. Turns out that one of my teacher's cousins pulled almost the same thing, but he didn't get far enough off the ground to die.

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Supposed to be the "5 second Rule"... but doesn't read especially well. I'm fairly happy with the actual painting, though the cookie has some perspective issues.

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Alligators in the Sewer. Don't think I need to clarify the source of this myth. One of my favorites from the series, start-to-finish in under an hour. Most of that blue to the upper right is underpainting showing through.

Took a lot of reference for this one, but I think it payed off with a nice sewer-y feel.

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Another of the 12x12's. This one is the "daddy Longlegs are actually the most deadly spiders in the world" myth.

I'm fairly happy with the color of the sky in this one, and the legs really feel like daddy longlegs to me. I wish it was a bit less patchy, and that the acid-burning through the leaf was a little more obvious.

Those are the four that came out best, and that I could get decent photos of. The rest tended to have thicker paint, so the photos weren't really... y'know, visible.

Media Pirates - Finished - Acrylic - Editorial

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Picture I did for my Illustration I class as an editorial peice on media piracy. There are parts I like and parts I don't, but that's pretty generic...

The media is burnt sienna oil rub, with acrylic matte medium over top for texture and tone. The colors were added by drybrushing acrylic paint over the medium after it was dry, and then adding details with colored pencil.

A few problems with the technique, the colors ended up a bit dull where I had to use colored pencil, and it was hard to get in some of the detail necessary for a peice like this.

Starting Up

First post time. After my atrocious history with LJ and DeviantArt (I think I might have put up 10 posts between them) we'll see how well this works out. I'll be using this space to put up art projects that I'm working on and finished with, and possibly even to publish a webcomic at some point.

I know that when I was first getting into art the people who helped me most were other artists, with tutorials and how-to's being second only to actual tutoring at the hands of a professional. (which I actually managed to find on a forum, of all places) I'll be posting in-progress shots of work that I'm working on (hopefully on a daily basis) along with rough descriptions of process. (Since I myself often forget how I did something in the past and need to look it up) I'll probably do a decent number of links to other tutorial/howto pages while I'm at it.

Hopefully someone will find this as helpful as some of the other tutorials I stumbled blindly into a few years ago.